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Whitetail Deer Lure
Whitetail Deer Lure
Buck-A-Trakt RAW add your own scent 3 pack

RAW (Add Your Favorite Scent) 3 Pack Buck-A-Trakt

$ 8.00

Be The Expert, Have Your Own Strategy, Use Your Favorite Scent 


Have your tried and true scents that you're comfortable with? Have your own strategy, using Buck-A-Trakt RAW. This product allows you to use your own scents, while still having the Advantage of Placement on a twig or wire. Buck-A-Trakt RAW is made up of a highly absorbent material. Allowing you to use one or a combination of scents.

For the Key Advantages, Instructions on use, and the Pro Tip. See Product: Estrus Certified Doe In Heat Urine 3 Pack Buck-A-Trakt

Made In The U.S.A.

Buck-A-Trakt LLC