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Bring In The Big Bucks!

We have been helping local hunters with their hunting by giving them our secret tool: Buck-A-Trakt. 
Buck-A-Trakt advantages:
  • 100% odorless until re-activated
  • Clean, not messy
  • Doesn't stink hunter's pack or house
  • Good for three years until reactivated
  • Fresh scent that doesn't break down like other rut scents
  • 100% Deer Urine. No preservatives (which deer can detect because they have 2,000 times the scenting ability of a human)
  • Easily reactivated with a teaspoon or spray of fresh water/near by water.
  • Strong scent comes back when re-activated for at least a full day, and it's a fresh, uncontaminated scent
  • Biodegradable
  • The name, shape and scent-deactivation process are proprietary. 
  • It's shaped like a deer track and hangs easily over a wire or twig.
  • Other proper placement advantages, lets other hunters know you are in the area
  • Also Buck-A-Trakt can be used as a trail for others to reach you in case of an emergency (Communication is the KEY to SAFETY out there)
  • The urine Back-A-Trakt uses on all products comes from one facility which is an established Whitetail Deer Urine collection company
  • The Whitetail Deer Urine collection company is a member in good standing with the ATA Deer Protection Program
  • Buck-A-Trakt is made up of members associated with Houston Safari Club, NRA, NAHC, NAFC, also volunteers and contributes to Wildlife Preservation.